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Bellevue Overlake, the latest Aegis Living community, will be open for residents in April. The residential community is located just a few minutes away from Overlake Medical Center.

Aegis Living took a biophilic approach to the development of the community. The new trend in design is based on the relationship between humans and nature and the benefits that come from it. It’s been proven that biophilic spaces can lower stress, improve mood and increase creativity in the individuals utilizing them.

Some of the biophilic features in the Bellevue Overlake community include “living” plant walls and greenery decoring each floor. Different design elements used to resemble patterns, colors and textures found in nature were also used. To ensure residents have real access to the great outdoors, a 3,000 square foot open-air courtyard is nestled in the center of the community for all to use.

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