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Plants are a decorative staple when it comes to interior design for any space. For anyone jumping aboard the biophilic home interior trend, it can be as simple as adding a plant or two – so long as it adds a natural touch to your space.

“Biophilic elements improve your life in numerous ways,” Zelda Elisco, a sustainable designer with Abigail-Elise Design Studio, said in an interview with industry publication BobVila. “They reaffirm our human connection to nature, evoke a sense of balance and refuge in our spaces, and increase productivity in work environments.”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims that people spend 90 percent of their time inside, whether they’re working or at home. To balance things out, biophilic home decor uses natural materials, textures and design to mimic the calming aspects of nature.

From plants, flooring options, the fabric covering furniture or making the most of the lighting in your home, the trend is as functional as it is fashionable.

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