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The pandemic made us hyperaware of the cleansing, sterilizing and purification of just about everything we come into contact with. While wearing masks while out in public quickly became the mandated norm, but as we look to a maskless future with face-to-face interaction, there’s been a call to emphasize indoor air quality.

Tarkett, a flooring solutions provider, joined with workplace consultant firm WKspace to conduct surveys on what a post-pandemic workspace looks like. The results of the two surveys, each featuring 2800 office employees, showed that indoor air quality was a primary concern.

“The requirement to prioritize cleaner indoor air has never been so urgent, which has recently been acknowledged by the government’s indoor air quality proposal for new offices and commercial spaces,” Freddie Steele, a writer for Workplace Insight, said in an article. “Following these new rules, offices would need to use systems that provide 50 percent higher rates of fresh air than the existing minimum standards.”

One possible solution to concerns about indoor air quality is Tarkett’s DESSO AirMaster. The finest of dust can be captured in its yarn, and the thicker yarn of the DESSO DustCollectors collection is able to capture coarser dust.

“It has never been so urgent to ensure workspaces enhance employee wellbeing and health and provide them a safe space to thrive,” Mikael Persson, Segment Marketing Manager, Workplace at Tarkett, said.

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