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Houseplants are a lot like pieces of candy: you can’t just have one.

The biophilic boom in design has shown us that not only do houseplants and other biophilic elements don’t only look good in spaces where we live and work. They also make us feel good.

“Hotels and AirBnbs which engage biophilic design typically get at least a 20 percent boost in revenues,” writer Adrian Ramsay said in an article for The Islander. “The education sector experiences a massive impact; why don’t we have school rooms completely filled with plants is incredible.”

Biophilic design has been proved to increase productivity, reduce stress and improve wellness. Ramsay notes that it was the pandemic that brought the importance of biophilia into design conversations.

“Look at the space and ask, what’s the journey that people are going to take when they arrive here?” she said. “Look at what’s already there, and think about how to bring some of that in; to landscape the environment; to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.”

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