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Wooden details and designs are as versatile as they are functional – even when it comes to employee wellbeing. They add a rustic, natural touch while also being sturdy enough to be utilized regularly. 

With the pandemic reemphasizing the importance of what we surround ourselves with, biophilic elements like wood and greenery have seen an uptick in popularity over the last year. In an article for the sustainability advocacy site Treehugger, writer Llyod Alter noted the way biophilic elements make us feel.

“Probably to no one’s surprise, people…have warm and fuzzy feelings about wood,” Alter said. “Especially compared to steel or concrete.”

A survey from Forest and Wood Products Australia found that “satisfaction with both working life and the physical workplace increases steadily with the proportion of natural-looking wooden surfaces.” Conversely, those in spaces with less than 20% of similar surfaces around were found to be “less satisfied with both their working life and physical workplace compared to those with a high proportion of wood.”

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