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While adjusting to working remotely, many employees made a conscious effort to make their new workspaces suit them. In this simple act, they were also working to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing. A common element in remote workspace design? Plants.

As more people start getting vaccinated, businesses are focused on ways to bring their employees back into the office while retaining an emphasis on their wellbeing. In an article for Propmodo, Jim Mumford, founder of Good Earth Plant Company, notes that now is the time to make an intentional effort to implement biophilia into workspace design.

“Why do people bring cut flowers to work? Because they represent life. Inside needs to be more like outside in the post-pandemic world,” Mumford explained. “Within the last decade, workplace design has embraced bringing the outdoor environment indoors through the use of light, natural materials, textures, views, access to outdoor spaces such as patios or terraces, and the integration of potted plants and living walls.”

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