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With innovations in printing technology, anything can be created 3D printed in a waste-free and sustainable way. Beginning with small shapes and expanding to fashion, it is now possible to 3D print houses.

Mario Cucinella Architects, along with Italian 3D printing company Wasp, recently completed the first home to be 3D printed from raw earth. Using a process called Tecla (a combination of the words ‘technology’ and ‘clay’), construction was finished in around 200 hours (a little over a week) using local soil and multiple printers.

“Tecla shows that a beautiful, healthy, and sustainable home can be built by a machine,” Massimo Moretti, founder of Wasp, said in an interview.

The design of the 645 square foot home resembles a “cave-like form.” While studying how the shape of a building can affect how durable it is to climate and latitudinal durability, he found that the material it’s made from can assist with insulation and ventilation. With the Tecla house, its shape along with the external ridges contribute to its “structural balance.”

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