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With Covid-19, more people are staying home and finding ways to make their apartments and houses more pleasant. You may have seen Instagrams or Pinterest boards filled with photos of “urban jungles,” homes completely covered in plants. You may know that adding greenery to your space makes you feel good but what you may not know is that surrounding yourself with friendly fronds is a form of Biophilia. Biophilia is the term for something many of us already know… that humans have an innate connection with nature. 

The recent article
Love Plants? You Might Be a Biophiliac” in Architectural Digest explores the way Biophilic design goes deeper than becoming a “plant parent.” Natural elements, breezy rooms, depictions of wilderness are all ways that Biophilia can be integrated into everyday life. Studies show that integrating Biophilic design into your life may boost productivity and mood. Sounds like something we all need right about now. 

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