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As the leading interior design trend for the new year, biophilia and concepts of biophilic design are set to become industry staples. In an article for Explica, landscaper Daniel Gomez Bilbao reflects on what brought the trend to prominence.

“More and more we want to recreate natural elements and bring them into our homes, offices, restaurants and to the cities themselves. We not only need nature, we are part of it,” Bilbao explained. “It is no coincidence that earth colors will be a trend in 2021, in a search for more serenity, calm, peace, abundance and less stress.”

The advantages of biophilic design, which include reduced stress and increased comfort, have been proven through numerous studies. As more individuals look for ways to improve their overall wellness, concepts of biophilic design provide an accessible answer.

Find the full Explica article here.

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