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The past six months have people reevaluating what home means to them and what they want their everyday lives to look like. What surrounds you? How do your surroundings affect your health and mood?

Author Sally Coulthard in her new book Biophilia: A Handbook for Bringing the Natural World into Your Life examines these questions and branches of a “biophilic home.” Biophilic design celebrates and incorporates the innate connection between humans and nature.

Coulthard explores the ways in which home design can leverage biophilic design in ten inspiring chapters that discuss science, psychology and practical decor advice for making positive changes at home or work. A few example chapters:

Air & Temperature – why heat and airflow matter in a healthy home
Forms & Patterns – how to take inspiration from nature to decorate your home
Light & Rhythms – creating spaces to enhance the natural rhythm of passing seasons plentiful daylight and dark nights
Materials & Decor – importance of using minimally processed material to reflect local ecology.

Coulthard’s book is available to purchase now in stores and online for those who are looking for Biophilic inspiration. Many of these themes come through in the Biophilia Poster Competition submissions. To view these posters, please visit the Facebook or Instagram pages.