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The international architectural firm, Bogle Architects, are designing the Royal Grammar School Guildford in Dubai. In addition to the school’s classroom and laboratories, all learning spaces will be connected by a biophilic “street” system lined with plants, trees and “living” walls.

The Dubai branch of Multiplex Construction will handle the school’s construction. Additionally, solar energy company Enerwhere will build the school’s solar panels and a carpark solar facility. The Royal Grammar School Guildford is scheduled to be completed by September 2021.

The “street” system will operate as a “communal hub,” while also serving as a breakout space for students. In having the classrooms extend to the biophilic “street” system, students will be able to reap the full educational and wellness benefits of their school.

To learn more about the school’s features, read the full story at Construction Week Online here.