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The interior design industry is thriving in the midst of a promising economy, courtesy of the wellness and biophilia trend.

ASID’s State of Interior Design for 2021 reported that “health, safety and welfare” would be the main factors considered in the design. But it involves more than just neutral color palettes and houseplants.

“Manufacturers are using low-to-no VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals) in their products,” Teresa Hollweg, a residential interior design consultant, wrote in an article shared with SRQ magazine. “Paint companies and carpet manufacturers and some furniture manufacturers have led the way to healthier products that adults and children are using and breathing in their homes.”

Hollweg calls for interior designers to take the lead in the wellness and biophilia trend by intentionally choosing and presenting safer options to clients. Whether it’s avoiding potential hazards for children or the elderly, designers and consultants must proceed with their client’s needs in mind

“Understanding people’s specific needs is the key to helping them live in a safer environment. How clients live in their homes has become more important with so much more time being spent in the house,” she said. “A good design will ask you this question.”

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