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The health benefits of getting closer to nature have been lauded by bloggers, environmental enthusiasts and scientists alike. Now, it seems like the medical world is taking note.

The act of “prescribing” nature was noted by the Global Wellness Summit as a trend to watch in 2019.

“Imagine going to your doctor and instead of a prescription for some named or generic pharmaceutical, you instead receive a prescription for a 30-minute walk,” the report, put together by Jennifer Walsh and Beth McGroarty, said.

Walsh and McGroarty cite the 16th- century German-Swiss physician Paracelsus, for first understanding natural healing powers; having written that “the art of healing comes from nature” rather than doctors. One healthcare professional mentioned in the report, Dr. Robert Zarr, said that he writes prescriptions for parks and activities to do there.

Read the full report by Walsh and McGroarty here.

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