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A recent article from home design site Bob Vila called houseplants one of the easiest ways to bring positive energy into your space. To encourage those looking into testing their green thumb, plant enthusiast Summer Rayne Oakes, created a list of the most popular houseplants for the new year. 

Anthurium, also known as “ace of spades,” is one option, yet popular enough that it’s difficult to find in stores. Its leaves are heart-shaped with a velvet-like texture, which makes it a great option for adding a dose of greenery to a room.

The Dracaena masoniana is another coveted houseplant, with the variegated versions of the plant (featuring yellow vertical stripes) in high demand.

“Formerly known as Sansevieria masoniana and commonly known as whale fin snake plant, this is a broad-leaved snake plant with nice mottling, which has been a draw for folks for several years now,” Oakes explained. “If you can score one for a more affordable price at a big box store, then that’s a coup.”

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