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After a year of working remotely, businesses are trying to figure out a future office solution; with employee wellbeing the main concern. A desk, breakroom and communal coffee pot won’t cut it anymore, and the pandemic has brought a major culture shift.

A recent article for BDaily News looked into strategies that businesses could use to improve employee wellbeing, with biophilic design at the forefront. Speaking with the publication, creative entrepreneur Akil Gordon Beckford, said he believed that many businesses will begin embracing the trend.

While none of us know for sure what the new normal will love like as we come out of the pandemic, one thing is certain – ensuring the wellbeing of staff is crucial.” Beckford said. “Last year, depression and anxiety led to a loss of more than 12.8 million working days.”

Read more about Beckford’s suggestions and the benefits of bringing biophilic design on employee wellbeing in the full Bdaily article here.

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