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UK architectural design and engineering firm Foster and Partners submitted the plans for a 22-story development near the Shard London Bridge. The development is estimated to be 46,200 square meters and will function as a biophilic workspace and “commercial hub,” with zero-carbon emissions.

In the emerging trend of cities favoring biophilia-centric infrastructure for its benefits, the biophilic workspace will have a park area at the ground level. Eighty-five percent of the site will be dedicated to open public space, including landscaped squares with seating, event spaces and art installations.

“The project is about people and the planet, creating a new landscaped public realm over most of the ground level that opens views to surrounding historic fabric,” Luke Fox, head of studio at Foster and Partners, said. “And provides a vibrant mix of uses, while also offering flexible office spaces that are underpinned by biophilia.”

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