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Designed by Spanish architects SelgasCano, SecondHome Hollywood is a coworking space that is built with Biophilic design techniques. Located in a Hollywood where there was once an empty parking lot, the workspace integrates natural beauty into its design.

The complex will house 250 companies and the workspace is perfect for people looking to socially distance, with a lot of space and flowing air. It includes a 50,000-square-foot garden of 6,500 trees and plants and 700 tons of soil and vegetation. Home to 112 native species, SecondHome is Los Angeles’s densest urban forest with 112 native species planted on site.

Besides the integration of nature, the architects also mimicked nature in the design. The architects filled the site with sixty oval-shaped office pods of varying sizes, topped with bright-yellow rooftops that resemble a cluster of lily pads when seen from above.

We hope to see Biophilia integrated into more workspaces and office buildings – promoting well-being for employees and nature alike.

Learn more about SecondHome Hollywood.