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The latest collection from acrylic manufacturer 3form lets you add a bit of biophilia to your space in an innovative way. The Artisan Collection consists of four translucent Varia panels: Bentuk, Savu, Tribe and Ladder. The tiles are handmade using “locally sourced materials developed by Indonesian and Senegalese craftspeople.”

Materials used for the collection include grass formations, sewn together cloth and recycled wire. Preserving artisanship throughout the world is a mission of the company, and in the past they’ve worked with different craftspeople all over the world.

“We just felt like the Bentuk and the Savu, with their very linear forms, lined up so beautifully with the Tribe and the Ladder, and that it created this beautiful collection all tied together by our seasonal color palette,” Christian Darby, vice president of design for 3form, explained in an interview with I and S Design.

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