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The pandemic may have slowed our roll, but make no mistake, the world is as busy as ever. A silver lining to the difficulties of the past year is that we’ve been reminded of how important nature is to our daily lives. Biophilia is the leading design trend for 2021 and architects are looking at ways to implement it in their developments. The next step? Developing biophilic cities.

A recent post on the design blog D for Design discussed ways that people, animals and nature can coexist in an urban space.

“Forecasts say that our world will become even more urbanized in the coming years,” the post stated. “Thus, access to nature is bound to decrease even further. Unless…the very concept of city design moves into a biophilic direction.”

The rest of the post provides suggestions for infrastructural changes and adaptations that can be used to transform industrious looking cities into biophilic cities.

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