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A room’s lighting doesn’t just enhance our vision, it sets the tone for what takes place within it. Combining the calming and productivity-increasing benefits of nature with lighting design, UK design firm, Inspired By Design, has developed a collection that’s as functional as it is fashionable.

The “greenworld” lighting fixtures feature biophilic materials, like moss, which absorb noise and produce a “tranquil” environment. In addition to its functionality, Inspired By Design also found that biophilic designs like the “greenworld” lighting fixture can make areas feel more inviting.

“Public areas suffused with biophilic lighting exudes calmness and are more welcoming and have been reported to increase room rates,” Simon Shuck, a spokesperson for the brand, explained in an interview for Shuck added that the moss and greenery used in the lighting fixtures are all natural and require zero maintence.

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