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A recent post on the Elizabeth Erin Designs blog emphasized that while we may live and work in scattered, or even chaotic, surroundings, that we must remind ourselves that our standard should be a state of calm and peace. The solution to reconnect with your space? Biophilic design.

“We need to retrain ourselves that balance, calm and peace is normal,” the article’s author, Jodi Peterman, explained. “This will make it so we don’t constantly seek out that which puts us into the state of chaos all the time because it’s what we associate with normal these days. Adding in biophilic design will help remind us that crazy is not normal.”

Peterman’s observation comes as a result of biophilic design’s rise in popularity as a result of the pandemic. She goes on to list some easy tips for introducing biophilic design to help reconnect with your space, including the use of organic images and textures, natural light and nature-inspired colors.

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