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In a recent article for Lab News UK, architect Robert Hopkins suggests different ways to enhance your remote workspace when working from home with biophilic principles.

To begin, look at the way your desk is positioned. Hopkins notes that while people working from home typically push their desks against a wall, it’s beneficial to set it at a 90-degree angle.

“It allows you to see other things in your workspace and appreciate the space you’re in,” he explained. “This also encourages you to turn your eyes away from your computer screen, rest your eyes, look into the distance and exercise your pupils.”

Other things to consider when working from home include your proximity to windows and natural lighting, the ventilation around your workspace and style of décor.

“There are so many ways you can encourage biophilic design in your home or remote office,” Hopkins said. “But first, you must think very clearly to define those things that make you happy so you can surround yourself with the things that inspire you most, as an individual.”

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